P. 4


                                                  (Indian Political System)


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             To provide information regarding the happening in Indian Constitutional System to the students with the help of discussion
             and analysis on regular basis.
             The main objective of this course is to make the students able to:

                 •  Acquire information regarding the history of formation and development of Indian constitution.
                 •  To understand the key concepts and processes related with Indian Political System.
                 •  To apply the knowledge of Indian political system to the current political happenings of India.

           Sr. No.                                              Topics
              1.     Preamble of Indian Constitution
              2.      Fundamental Rights
              3.     Fundamental Duties
              4.     Directive Principles of State Policy
              5.     Union Government, Parliament and President

              6.     Prime Minister and Council of Ministers.
              7.     The Judiciary: Supreme Court, High court, Judicial Review, Public Interest Litigation and
                     Judicial Reforms.
              8.     State Government: State Legislature, Governor, Chief Minister and Council of ministers.
              9.     Indian Federalism: Centre-State relations; Legislative, Administrative, financial and Politcal.
             10.     Political Parties in India: Indian National Congress, Bhartiya Janta Party, Communist Party
                     of India (M), Shrimoni Akali Dal.
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