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                                     Methodology of Research and Statistical Techniques


                       •   To understand some basic concepts of research and its methodologies.
                       •   To identify appropriate research topics and define appropriate research problem and parameters.
                       •   To prepare a project proposal .
                       •   To organize and conduct research (advanced project) in a more appropriate manner
                       •   To write a research report and thesis
                       •   To write a research proposal (grants)

                       Sr. No.                                Description

                         1.      Concept of Research: Research: Definition, meaning, need, process and

                                 types of research (Qualitative and Quantitative).

                         2.      Research design: Definition, types, Principles, identification and
                                 formulation of problem, components and criteria.

                         3.      Research Methods, Techniques and Tools: Research Methods: Scientific,
                                 Historical, Descriptive, Survey & Case Study and Experimental Method:

                                 their application in Library & Information Science.

                         4.      Research Techniques and Tools: Questionnaire, Schedule, Interview,
                                 Observation, library records and reports. Scales and Check Lists, Library

                                 records and reports.

                         5.      Data Analysis and Interpretation: Role of Statistical Methods in
                                 Research; Descriptive Statistical –Measurement of Central Tendency;

                                 Corelation, Regression. Statistical Techniques: Measures of Mean, Mode,

                                 Median. Measures of Dispersion: Mean deviation.

                         6.      Standard deviation. Presentation of Data: Tabular, graphic, bar diagram, pie-

                                 line graphics; Testing of Hypothesis and Statistical Inference; Computerized

                                 Statistical Packages: Use of SPSS.

                         7.      Nominal and operational definition; Designing research proposal;

                                 Literature search: Print and Non-print and Electronic Sources.

                         8.      Guidelines of Research Reporting, Style Manuals –MLA, APA, E-
                                 Citation and methods of Research Evaluation. Research Reporting &
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