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Unit 1: Concept of Research

                            Unit 1: Concept of Research                                            Notes

            1.1  The Scientific Definition
            1.2  The Aims of Research
            1.3  The Purpose of Research

                 1.3.1  Pure Scientific Research
                 1.3.2   Applied Scientific Research
                 1.3.3   Generating Testable Data
            1.4  Identification of Research Problems
            1.5  Formulation of Research Problems

            1.6  Formulation of Hypothesis
            1.7  Survey of Literature
            1.8  Process of Research
            1.9  Summary
            1.10  Keywords

            1.11  Review Questions
            1.12  Further  Readings


          After studying this unit, you will be able to:
          •    Describe research processes and research methods.

          •    Explain the aims of research.
          •    Define the purpose of research.

          •    Explain the formulation of research problems.
          •    Describe survey of literature and process of research.


          In the broadest sense of the word, the definition of research includes any gathering of data,
          information and facts for the advancement of knowledge. Reading a factual book of any sort
          is a kind of research. Surfing the internet or watching the news is also a type of research.
          Science does not use this word in the same way, preferring to restrict it to certain narrowly
          defined areas. The word ‘review’ is more often used to describe the learning process which is
          one of the underlying tenets of the rigid structures defining research.

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