P. 4

                               lkekftd 'kks/k dh i)fr (Methodology of Social Research)
                   •   bl ikB~;Øe ;kstuk dk mís'; Nk=ksa dks fof“Uu 'kks/k rduhdksa ,oa fof/k;ksa dh ekSfyd tkudkjh ¼ek=kRed ,oa

                       xq.kkRed nksauksa½ iznku djkuk gSA
                   •   ;g fofHkUu izdkj ds 'kks/k fo"k;ksa dh cqfu;knh ekU;rkvksa ds vk/kkj ij vyx&vyx rjhdksa }kjk FkhEl (Themes)
                       fuekZ.k djus dh dksf'k'k djrk gSA
                   •   This course plan aims to provide exposure of the students to the fundamentals of various research techniques
                       and methods (both quantitative and qualitative).
                   •   It tries to build upon the basic assumptions in adopting different methodologies for different kinds of research

                      Sr. No.                                   Content

                        1       Elements of Scientific methods and various steps in social research;
                                Objectivity/ Value Neutrality

                        2       Basic concepts: Concept, hypothesis, theory and facts, facts and values; Ethical
                                Issues in Social research

                        3       Induction and deduction, propositions, syllogism and logical fallacies. Pure and
                                Applied research
                        4       Research Design: Meaning of research design, Selecting a research design;

                                Types of Research Design: Exploratory, descriptive; Types of Research Design:
                                longitudinal and cross-sectional or comparative

                        5       Constructing an Instrument for data collection: Selecting a method for data

                                Establishing the validity and reliability of a research instrument
                        6       Quantitative Methods and Survey Research: Survey techniques, Sampling

                                Design, Questionnaire  and Interview schedule, Reliability and Validity,
                                Limitations of Survey

                        7       Qualitative Research Techniques I: Techniques and methods of qualitative
                                research, Participant observation, Ethnography

                        8       Qualitative Research Techniques II: Case study method, Content analysis, Oral
                                history, narratives, Methodological dilemmas and issues in qualitative research,
                                Validity and reliability in qualitative research

                        9       Statistics in Social Research: Methods: Meaning, characteristics of statistical
                                method; Measures of central tendency: Mean, Median, Mode; Measures of

                                Dispersion: Standard Deviation
                        10      Statistics in Social Research: Correlational Analysis: Test of significance and

                                co-variance, Writing a Research Report
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